waterproof cast cover slide 1
waterproof cast cover slide 1

Shower Comfortably & Confidently

You no longer have to use “make-shift” covers such as garbage bags, umbrella bags, plastic wrap or medical tape or heavy covers to protect a Cast, Dressing, Wound, IV or PICC when you need to shower. 

Introducing Shower Covers: Shower Mitt, Shower Boot & Shower Glove

Shower Mitt

Protects below the forearm.



Shower Boot

Protects above the knee

Shower Glove

Protects to top of arm



Benefits of Shower Covers

  • Easy to Use - Even with one hand
  • Painless - No squeezing, skin tears or hair pulling
  • Reliable - Keeps area dry & protected
  • Convenient - reusable and lightweight

Each year nearly 39 million Americans will be hospitalized and at least half of them will have a sensitive area related to an IV, PICC, Dressing or Cast. Keeping these areas dry while bathing is crucial to the healing process.  



A Message From the Inventor

When you need to keep dry......

we have you covered!

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