waterproof cast cover slide 1
waterproof cast cover slide 1


"Two thank-yous.  First, this order arrived so quickly that I was very pleasantly surprised, particularly considering that Christmas fell in the middle.  And secondly, I've been using the shower glove for four days now with no issues.  It certainly beats wrapping and taping my arm to cover the PICC. Now, if only the purple bruising from the tape will fade as quickly as your product arrived. Again, thanks for a great product and service."

Ron Silver

"Fits beautifully over a full cast with the shoe on. Physical therapist complained that with the cast he can't shower - the boot sold at Walgreens has a ring that won't fit over the cast he said. He thanks you!"


Nurse who just tried our new Shower Boot for the first time

“The Shower glove works great and my patients love them. We also use the Glove to protect ourselves when we are bathing bariatric and heavily soiled patients.  They work much better than regular gloves, that’s for sure!”


Mike, RN

“A few years ago, the family curse settled upon me and my diabetes turned into heart problems. With that comes frequent hospital visits. A few months ago I made one of my mini-vacations to a new Hospital.  When it came time for a shower, the nurse said, "I got just the thing!" She ran out of the room and returned with a shower glove! You unwrap it and it fits over your arm like a loose glove, all the way up to the arm pit. Better, it is sealed with a stretch bandage that keeps water out but uses no glue. You don't lose any skin taking it off. I strongly recommend this product to anyone with an IV, a PICC line, or a cast on their arm.”


Richard Whaley, Heart Transplant Patient



“Since the introduction of your product I have not seen one skin tear or ruined IV site having to be restarted due to showering The Shower Glove has increased the patient’s satisfaction by 90% surrounding covering IV sites and the staff feels your product has made dealing with the patients much easier.  The Shower Glove has saved the facilities tens of thousands of dollars in supplies.  I cannot thank you enough for introducing us to your fabulous product.”


Ron, RN


“A couple of months ago I broke my wrist.  When I went to take a shower, I realized that this was not going to be easy.  I tried to wrap my arm in a trash can line, but could not get it secured, particularly by myself.  I found something which I could put on by myself, but it had no fingers, was made of really heavy plastic and when I put it on it squeezed my wrist and arm causing tremendous pain.  Then I heard about the shower glove, what a difference, it was lightweight and I could put it on by myself!  The best part was it had fingers, I could wash my hair and hold the soap.  Thank you Shower Glove!” 


Melissa, Patient

I recently cut my thumb very badly and had to go several days without getting it wet, according to my doctor’s orders. A friend of mine told me about a new product called the Shower Glove. At first I was very nervous about trying to take a shower and wash my hair. This glove allowed me the comfort and safety to resume my daily activities while still protecting my injury.  I can very highly recommend this product.”


Vicki, Patient

“I had tendon/bicep surgery on my right arm... After the surgery, I was told that I needed to make sure that it was kept clean and dry otherwise it could get infected... A friend of mine told me about shower gloves.  I was amazed at the simplicity of putting the shower glove on and the effectiveness of the glove to keep my arm dry and also to remove after showering... I recommend this product to anyone who faces the same challenges that I had to... Thank you Shower Gloves.”


Jeffrey, Patient

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