waterproof cast cover slide 1
waterproof cast cover slide 1

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Shower Covers Product Line

You no longer have to use "Make-Shift" methods such as Bio-Hazard Bags, Trash Bags, Umbrella Bags, Plastic Wrap and Medical Tape!

The Shower Covers product line was invented by a practicing cardiac nurse to protect PICC lines, IV sites, wounds, surgical sites and Casts

  The Shower Glove protects:

  • PICC lines and IV Sites 
  • Arm casts and wounds
  • Hand and arm surgical sites 

The Shower Mitt protects:

  • IV sites
  • Hand and finger surgical sites
  • Hand and finger casts and wounds
  • Pediatrics

The Shower Boot protects:

  • Lower extremity wounds and casts
  • Leg, knee, foot and ankle surgical sites
  • Orthopedic appliances and drains

Why Shower Covers are preferred by doctors, nurses & patients

  • Easy to apply - lightweight, attached strap & easy to apply alone

  • Painless application - No squeezing, skin tears or hair pulling

  • Reliable - Keeps area dry, protected & helps reduce infection

  • Convenient - Standard product, reusable & one size fits most

Shower Covers are made from light weight quality materials allowing for flexibility.  They are one size fits most eliminating multiple sizes.  Our attached self-adhesive strap sticks to itself not the skin, creating a waterproof seal while allowing patients to shower painlessly and confidently knowing the sensitive area will stay dry and protected.

When you need to keep dry.....

we have you covered!

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